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Yiannis Koutsis Biblical Collectible Plates
I have a complete set of 12 Yiannis Koutsis collectible biblical plates for $20.00 per plate or $150.00 for all. They are very beautiful plates! No cracks or chips. The pictures do not do justice for how beautiful they are. Will put the front and back of one and put a few pictures on here, if you would like to see all please send me an email.
1977 "In The Beginning"
1977 "In His Image"
1977 "Adam's Rib"
1977 "Banished From Eden"
1977 "Noah and the Ark"
1978 "Tower of Babel"
1978 "Sodom And Gomorrah"
1978 "Jacob's Wedding"
1978 "Rebekah at the Well"
1978 "Jacob's Ladder"
1978 "Joseph's Coat of Many colors"
1978 "Joseph Interprets Pharoah's Dream"
Price: $20.00
Quantity: 12
Location: Taylors, SC