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Easy and Free

How does it work?
You publish whatever you would like to get rid off or sell.
People will contact you in total privacy.
Just like a regular garage sale, but with no hassle and 24/7.
We charge no fees. Free means free.
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How do I list an item on your site?
To list something for sale you need to navigate to My Account and follow the steps below.
If you do not have an account yet, click Sign Up to create one, it is free.

Go to My Account and:
  1. Click the red "Add a New Item for Sale" button, enter information and then "Save".
  2. Review/edit and add pictures in JPEG (JPG) format.
  3. Click "Done".
That's it, you are done.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can use our iPhone app to do all of that directly from your iPhone.
How does a buyer contact a seller?
Our system handles buyer and seller communications in total privacy, without ever disclosing who the other party is, where they live or what's their email. We achieve that by routing all communications through our servers.

For example, clicking on any item found will bring up a detailed page that describes the item and in many cases will also have several pictures. The item details page also includes a "Contact Seller" button that allows a potential buyer to send a message to the seller. The seller will receive an email with the message but will not know who it came from, other than a cryptic number that is used by our servers to properly route any replies back to the sender.

Our custom communications system enables the potential buyer and seller to continue communicating via email in perfect privacy, without ever revealing their true email addresses.
How do I get the item to a potential buyer and how do I collect the money?
All pickup and payment arrangements are between you and the buyer, just like in a regular garage sale.
The difference is that your contact information and exact location (other than your ZIP code) remain private until you decide to share those with a potential buyer. And even then, you may choose to meet up somewhere other than your home.

When the items are small enough, you could agree upon a time and a public place, such as a neighborhood diner or library etc., and meet the buyer there. For larger items, you will most probably end up giving the potential buyer your address, but that would mean disclosing your address to just few individuals and being at home when it is convenient for you - still much better than posting your address on the Internet and spending an entire day with strangers all over your yard.
Sale settlement charges no commission or fees and does not participate in structuring or settling a sale.
The deal is strictly between the seller and the buyer, just like in a regular garage sale.
Credit card processing, electronic money transfers, SWIFT etc.
We are really not that big on fancy money transfers.
Just like in any garage or yard sale, the transaction is then and there. You see something you like, you pay a few bucks and take it with you.
Checks, wire transfers, credit card charges etc. are not what this is all about. After all, this is a garage sale and deals are between two individuals who probably do not even own a point of sale credit card machine.
How long can I keep an item listed?
Until you sell it. Some items sell fast, others can take months...
The longer an item is listed, the more search engines pick it up and more people have a chance to find it.
In the meantime, you have uncluttered your world.
Can I sell anything?
Well, there are some legal limitations... sorry
To check out the list of prohibited items, click here.
Why do I need an account?
You do not need an account to look around for stuff.
You will need an account in order to contact a seller and to receive replies from sellers.

We are totally committed to maintaining your privacy.
Nobody will ever see your email address, unless you disclose it yourself (and we strongly advise against it).