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10 Good Reasons to Unclutter your home

What is clutter?

Clutter can come in many forms and sizes. It can be growing amount of clothing items that you never use, jewelry that you do not like anymore, toys your kid grew out of, old furniture, books, magazines, old receipts and more. It can be in a shape of items beyond repair, items that we keep for sentimental reasons, or just in case we might need them.

Where’s the clutter?

Clutter can be anywhere: at the entrance to your home, inside any room, kitchen, table, counter top, closets, drawers, office, desk, bathroom, garage, basement, attic, outside the home or even in our car.
Clutter can have a negative impact on your life and impair the harmony in your home.

Why should you unclutter?

I can think of at least 10 good reasons. Uncluttering will enable you to:
  1. Simplify and organize your life.
  2. Have extra space to live, work and create.
  3. Find items more easily with less frustration. Reduce stress and gain control of your life.
  4. An organized atmosphere will provide you with more vitality and positive energy.
  5. Feel lighter and find it easier to accomplish your goals. Don't hold back on desires.
  6. Make it easier to clean your home.
  7. Improve and maintain good health by getting rid of dust, mildew or dampness buildup.
  8. Feel free to invite guests without worrying about the mess.
  9. Make a gift to friends, give away to others in need or sell online. Make other people happy.
  10. Make more funds available for vacations, other fun activities, or bills.
Unclettering will create balance in your life and will result in improved health, rejuvenated energy, increased income and fulfillment of your dreams.

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