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If you are looking to lose some weight, and keep it off for once... Detox your body, Energize your metabolism, Feel full, Eat less.

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Awesome ALL natural product, NO RISK, 90 Day Empty Bottle 100% Money Back Guarantee! 1 Bottle/ 1 Month supply (120 capsules)

Awesome results! My fiancee is down 22LBS 3 dress sizes, and a ring size in 8 weeks, without changing her eating or exercise habits!

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Take the product(2 capsules) 30 minutes before your 2 largest meals of the day, and watch the weight and inches shed! Remember it's all natural with no harmful drugs or chemicals!

We promote a 90 Day challenge! You didn't gain the weight over night, so we are not gonna give you unrealistic numbers for results!

The 3 adults that lose the most weight in a 90 day period, will each receive a $1,000 check.

We also promote a 90 Day challenge for teens as well. The 3 Teens that lose the most weight in a 90 day period, will each receive a new IPad!

Facebook Support Groups provided, as well as Your own website to track your progress, with the company. Healthy eating/living tips
also included.

Blessing in your journey!
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Quantity: 60
Location: Montgomery, IL