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Bear Odyssey II Compound Bow
Bear Odyssey II compound bow with adjustable 40-50# draw weight and 13"-27" draw length (no modules or bow press needed). This is a nice light bow around 2.9lbs that has a very smooth draw cycle with a solid wall and is quiet with minimal vibration. It also packs quite a punch for a 50# bow, very quick with speeds up to 287 fps. This is a clean bow that hasn't been used much and comes with a case, release, quiver and arrows. Excellent bow for women from beginners to intermediate.

" Bow Eccentrics: Twin Cam
" IBO Speed: Up to 287 fps
" ATA Length: 32"
" Physical Weight: 2.9#
" Brace Height: 5.5"
" Draw Weights: 40-50#
" Draw Lengths: 13-27"
" Available Let-Off: 70%
" Bow Finish: Camo
" Retail Price: $289
Price: $175.00
Quantity: 1
Location: Faribault, MN