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Wedding Decorations
Used in wedding one time - beautiful handmade decorations as well as some purchased items.

$500for all or BO

Items available:
-Roll of burlap (4 ft width, length unknown)
-Remaining burlap "scraps" (squares used on tables, etc)
-Roll of tulle (4 ft, length unknown)
-Roll of plastic sheeting for spill-proof table cover (4 ft, length unknown)
-3 wreaths with daisies
-Gallon size Ziploc bag of pearl strands
-Gallon size Ziploc bag 2/3 full of glass beads
-Smaller rolls of burlap
-A lot of silk sunflowers
-Strips of lace
-12 wine glasses
-Decorated glass jars for table decorations (decorations include burlap, lace and beautiful crystal or pearl broaches)
-18 taller ones
-7 shorter ones
-14 large, rotund ones
-4 black pails with handles (1 without)
-3 plastic gallon pitchers
-Rustic white wire basket
-More plastic table covers and skirt
-"Just Married" and "Mr & Mrs" flag signs with posts
Price: $500.00
Quantity: 70
Location: Minneapolis, MN