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The ORIGINAL Ninja Pro System 1100
This is the complete ORIGINAL Ninja blender system w/bread dough making abilities and the "dock" that secures it to the counter. The shine quickly wore off when the limited counter space in my TINY kitchen made it so I had to store it in a buffet whenever I wasn't using it to make frozen drinks. Since I'm no longer a drinker and really downsizing to pursue a dream of "Tiny House" living, I no longer find a need for this. It comes with the original set up:Extra large 72oz pitcher, 40oz "bowl" for dough & pasta making, lock-in lid w/pour spout for both pitcher and bowl, easy to clean & protected electronic controls, cord storage box and that sturdy non-skid docking base I mentioned. There's 7 different blade types (yup 7!) & one's a dough folding blade. Along with the set w/2 pitcher/bowl, 7 blades comes a separate mini chopper that stands on it's own"bowl" & is perfect for when you make ice-cream to chop nuts, chocolate, coconut, ECT but not limited to can chop onions and anything else you want to use when creating original food delicacies! I've included both user manuals for the items so you know just how to use it. It was originally a Xmas gift I'd asked for so I know it cost over $200 bought new & I've only used it for those frozen drinks and a copula recipe trials. So pretty much like new and did I mention dishwasher safe?!? If I find it when packing up I'll add the recipe book that came with it or you can go online for the Ninja recipes now. Great for singles or breakfast on the go smoothies not to mention ice cream and frozen yogurt. Oh and dough in 15min tops!! Check it out & send me a message.
Price: $120.00
Quantity: 1
Location: Clementon, NJ