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Versatile Antique/Vintage Rich Cherry Wood Decorative Wall Hanging Tri-Level Curio Shelf with back Mirror
A beautiful delicate addition on your wall to almost any style decor. It's not too overwhelming size fits right in with different frames and wall boxes... Although antique/vintage, it still is in almost perfect condition with it's rich cherry color on almost flawless finished wood and is extremely versatile in where and what it can be used for. It maintains a modest rectangular shape and is almost frame-like with 4 side pillars and top and bottom inclosed rather than having an open top. Great to display you favorite knickknacks or even smaller picture frames of your loved ones! Get this rarely found balance of a perfectly sized super versatile vintage shelf that can fit in with you antique decor or just as easily with your newly renovated modern designed room! To top everything off, it comes with a classy back mirror to brightly reflect your displayed items or just to add a decorative wall mirror to your interior design!
Price: $25.00
Quantity: 1
Location: New Milford, NJ