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DVDs for sale
The following single and 2-disc DVD sets are $2.00 each while the four-disc and five-disc sets are $4.00 each; some are in like-new condition while others have some minor scratches on them. The DVDs do not have cases but they will be in their own sleeves. If full or wide screen is not defined, that means the disc did not specify. Most of the prices listed are at least 50% off what you can buy the DVD for new from Walmart.

Risky Business (Wide/Full Screen)
Super Bad Unrated Extended Edition (2-discs)
Bad Boys
Footloose (Wide)
The Fast and the Furious Tricked Out Edition (Wide)
Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo
The Family Stone (Full)
Girl, Interrupted
Tears of the Sun
40 Days and 40 Nights
Private Benjamin (Full)
Bridget Jones's Diary
Fracture (Wide)
Grumpy Old Men (Full)
Whip It
Blue Collar Comedy Tour (Full)
Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again Not Rated (Wide/Full)
Spider-Man (Wide, 2-discs)
Spider-Man 3
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Wide) x2
SNL: Best of Adam Sandler
200 Cartoon Classics (4-discs)
The Road
Fraggle Rock First Season (5-discs)
Young Frankenstein (Wide)
Talladega Nights- The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (Full)
Varisty Blues (Wide)
Top Gun (Wide)
Price: $2.00
Quantity: 28
Location: Manassas, VA