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Janice Bradley from Spruce grove, Alberta wrote on 1/13/2018


Sell Lamps and desk really nice. Rob from CA wrote on 9/5/2017

Friendly & easy

I had a yard sale, posted on Private-garage-sale things that did not go and was able to sell most of them. This is so much easier than wasting the whole weekend on a yard sale. You only need to be patient and consider posting on multiple places:) Carol Cyr from Caregiver wrote on 5/9/2017


I'm looking for a caregiver job in Holdenville or near there. 9yrs experience. Days or nights. If live in will discuss it. Thank you. Twilight from NJ wrote on 1/6/2017


This is useless. No body even looking my post I posted for couple months.
Nobody know this is exits. Craig list is better. U can get quick responses.
Yvonne from Arkansas wrote on 4/29/2016


I'm looking for a cherry wood highboyHI GUYS from MT DORA wrote on 2/1/2016


Robert from Atlanta wrote on 11/13/2015

Happy- I sold!

What I like about this website site is that it did not limit me with how many items I posted. I put my stuff on it in addition to Craig’s list (with a link) and also having a garage sale on the weekend. I sold a bunch from home and also through this website. I made close to a $1000 :-)Barbara from Two Rivers wrote on 7/30/2015


I posted my rummage sale items for about2 mo. I didn't sell even one single item. It was a waste of my time. I dad a lot of decent quality items for sale. I don't think I would ever try this sight again!rick dawson from rick dawson wrote on 7/8/2015

not happy!

This site is useless! No takers at all. Private means just that, private. People don't know where to look!!!!! It has been a month. A waste of time. don warner from claremont wrote on 9/18/2014


i think this is the best on line gatage sale ived ever used in the
pass and iam happy with the resauls they have an aswsome set up to add your items for sale every one who sells should use this site
thank you don w
Anna from Texas wrote on 1/12/2014

Making life simpler

We were moving overseas. I put a ton of items on and then posted the link to Facebook. Within minutes I was selling. I was actually able to barder for some home repair too using the items seen on the site. It was great!Daniel from New York wrote on 9/17/2013

I enjoyed using this website. It is easy to look for stuff or sell online.

This website is simple and strait forward. I love the privacy of email concept. I enjoyed using it. Thank you.Marsha from Ohio wrote on 11/27/2012

Great Web Site

I like the privacy of selling and buying items. I am down sizing and want to clear out my items and let others enjoy them for great prices. Easy to use web. Thanks Joe from New York wrote on 9/10/2012

I like this website.

Summer went by too fast and I had no time to make a garage sale. Just discovered this website. This is great. Looks like a good place to sell my stuff. Thank you.Jacky from Florida wrote on 7/29/2012

God bless you for helping me help other people recycle things I do not need anymore.

This website is awesome. It’s so much easier to have my garage sale here than at my yard. It’s great that I do not have to spend the whole weekend. God bless you for putting this website together and helping people to get rid of stuff and help other people reuse it.Karin Dail from Fort Myers wrote on 4/23/2012

This is a god send!

When I found this site where i could sell my things ; I had a smile on my face , that matched no other. thank you to the powers that be . Leticia from Dallas, Texas wrote on 3/18/2012

God bless you for this free service

God bless you for putting together this website for free. I am moving back to my home state in a month and it’s great that I can put my stuff for sale here. Greg from California wrote on 2/14/2012

I like this website.

This website is great. I listed my garage sale on this website because it allows to put many pictures of what I am selling. Then put links to this website for my items on Craigs list. It was great. More people than usual came and then I got to keep what I did not sell on this website to sell it online latetr. Doris from Tapen, New York wrote on 10/29/2011

The crazy snow storm made us cancel our two family garage sale.

We and our neighbors planned a two family garage sale today but had to cancel because of the crazy snow storm. Your website came in handy. Thanks for putting this wonderful and free service online. Anand from New York wrote on 10/20/2011

This website is easy to use. Sold leftovers from my yard sale on it.

This website is great, easy to use and reliable. I enjoyed selling leftovers from my yard sale on it and will keep using it. Even my brother that is the biggest friend of the computer was able to put staff on it.Robin from NJ wrote on 9/29/2011

Looking for deumidifier

Got allot of rain in our area and the floor and walls are dump. If anyone has a working dehumidifier that you want to sell, please put it online in this website. I will be checking daily. Thanks.Matt from California wrote on 9/19/2011

Sold my bikes. It was a pleasure.

I sold my used bikes and my cycling clothing on this website. It was a pleasure to use this website. Got a good deal and the sale was so quick and smooth that I gave the guy who bought the bikes also the pump and helmet as a bonus. Thank you.Regina from Pennsylvania wrote on 8/24/2011

Hello great Website. I sold my dining room.

I am a busy mom and working a full time job. I have no time for a yard or garage sale but it was a shame to give away my dining room. It was in real good shape, but I bought a new one.
Thanks for this opportunity to advertise for free. A newlywed couple from the neighbor town bought my dining room; they came to pick it up and no problem: Sold and paid. They are happy and I am happy.
Jennifer from New York wrote on 7/14/2011

Yes! I finally sold my jewelry online. I felt very safe to advertize and sell on your website because my contact info was secure and I met the buyer in the supermarket instead of my home.

Hello great Website. I live in an apartment’s complex and have no yard or garage. So I can’t have my real own garage sale. I used to donate all my stuff to good will. My son convinced me to put things on this website because it is protecting my identity and it is very safe to sell to someone that I do not know. So if someone contacts me and I do not like the person, he/she does not know where I live, what’s my phone or my email. Only if I trust the person I can communicate with him or her. So I put some jewelry that I wanted to sell. A nice lady contacted me and we agreed on the sale, when and where to meet. She is from my area. She came to the supermarket where I was shopping and brought me the money we agreed on. This is Jewelry that I design and assemble by myself. She liked the jewelry and actually requested that I will make her another similar neck less in a different color. That was awesome and a pleasure to sell this way through your website. Thank you so much for making this free online service.George from North Carolina wrote on 6/28/2011

I got very quick and helpful assistance from this website.

I started using this website and had a problem placing pictures on my items. I sent an email to the support on the weekend and got a reply within 5 minutes. These guys were even willing to call me on the phone and instruct me step by step how to load the picture. That’s really nice and thinking that this kind of help is given when this website is free and on a Sunday. I appreciate your support. Thank you. I recommend this website to everyone who has stuff to sell and has no desire to make a garage sale at his/her home.Jerry B. from New Jersey wrote on 6/25/2011

It was a pleaser selling my dining room on this website.

I enjoyed using this website. I had a garage sale before moving to our new house. I put a few items on this website and also on Ebay and Craig’s list that we did not sell during the garage sale. It was a shame to throw them away because they were in good condition. They just did not fit in the new house. I have a lot of space in the garage in my new house so I did not mind keeping the good stuff for a little longer. I was a bit skeptical but it took a few weeks and someone contacted me through this private garage sale website and bought my dining room table and chairs for an OK price and in cash. He came by today and picked it up. That was a pleasure. I found this online garage sale easy and simple to use. Thank you great website.Samuel from Florida wrote on 6/20/2011

Got a good deal for cool old records.

I got several cool old vinyl records from this website. All are in good condition and original covers. The sound from these records is much warmer than the CDs or MP3. Good call. Good artists. Looking forward to find more of these.JoAnn from Texas wrote on 6/16/2011

Need old computers in good condition.

Hello. We are opening a new school for kids and will need computers. If you have an old working computer which in good condition and you are interested to donate it, please let me know. We will arrange to pick it up. Thanks a bunch.Donna from New York wrote on 6/11/2011

Selling old framed pictures? List them with a photo. The bigger the frame is, the better it is.

I am an artist. I make pictures as a hobby and give them as presents to my friends and family. However framing is quite expensive. I found that it is cool and much cheaper to buy old pictures in garage sales for a few bucks and then just use the frame. If you have any framed old pictures that you want to sell, please put them on with their pictures and I will contact you through this private garage sale email system. I prefer big frames as these are the most expensive to purchanse as new in a store.Jerome from North New Jersey wrote on 6/9/2011

Do you need my help making your garage sale like the kid helped Will Ferrell in the movie?

Yo, I saw the movie Everything Must go with Will Ferrell last week about the garage sale he was doing on his lawn because his wife through all his stuff outside and changed the locks in his house and he lost his job the same day. Eventually Will Ferrell sells all his stuff in his yard sale and get his life back together.
The movie at the beginning was damn! Very depressing because my company is also laying off people now. I heard some people from my company that lost their jobs last year still cannot find a job. In fact I met one of them last week for lunch. I have no idea if I will have my job next year…
I liked the idea in the movie that the kid helped Will Ferrell to arrange and do his garage sale. I live in North NJ. Anyone is interested in help doing his or her garage sale or yard sale? I am willing to help for a small pay. I love garage sales and can help you from putting ads on electric polls the day before. Price tags. Be with you during the garage sale and help seeing that nobody takes things without paying. Convincing people to buy stuff. Etc. If you are interested in my help, write to me back on this blog.
Judy from California wrote on 6/5/2011

Your website helps me to ask for more realistic prices in my yard sale.

I had a yard sale this weekend and sold mostly small items. People are only looking for cheep stuff. I got stuck with some of my old furniture which is in good condition and my son is going to put it on your website. I like the way that your website shows the prices people ask for their items. That actually shows me that I was asking for too much in my yard sale and gave me a better idea what prices I should put on your website. Thanks for putting this great website for free. It will be a great help in pricing items on my next yard sale.Tonny from Atlanta wrote on 5/27/2011

People took stuff from my garage sale, so I started using your website.

I usually do 2-3 garage sales a year. On one hand I like meeting the people that come by on the other hand I do not trust all of them. I had cases that people took stuff and left without paying. I listed a few things on your website and it’s great. Thanks for putting this out for free. Mark from New York wrote on 5/18/2011

Could not do a yard sale with this miserable weather last weekend.

I planed a yard sale last weekend, but man, the weather was nasty. Non stop rain. This website is is my savior !!! No more yard sale for me at home. Jeff from New Jersey wrote on 5/15/2011

My garage sale was too much work and sold too little.

I made a garage sale last week. Man, this was so much work. I sat there for the whole weekend and made only 43 bucks. From now on I am trying to sell my stuff online. Thanks for this free service.Robert from Portland Oregon wrote on 4/14/2011

My spring sale is coming...

Your Iphone application is a NICE! Planning to use it for my spring cleaning and selling my old living room set. Thanks.Marilena from Florida wrote on 3/20/2011

Would you like to exchange jewelry? ?

My sister and I have lots of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings that we got tired of them. We thought of maybe having a jewelry garage sale. Anyone wants to exchange jewelry?David from NJ wrote on 3/14/2011

Stuff for colege

hey, I'm going to college next year. Anyone graduating next year and looking to get rid of his stuff, like small fridge, book shelf, lock box, storage box, etc?Luisa from Fernandez wrote on 2/16/2011

PLS put more kids toys

I recently lost my job and this website is a great help for me. I have three little kids. I wish people would put more kids toys on this website. Thank you.Emilio from New York wrote on 1/29/2011

Nice to get rid of my junk in the winter time.

It is nice to be able to be able to have an online garage sale during the snowy winter without having to keep all my junk in my garage until the spring. Great Website. Bravo!Gina from New Jersey wrote on 11/26/2010

Thank you so much!

Thank you for providing this free service. It’s easy and it’s really cool. You saved me a lot of time and work!!! Jessica from Toronto wrote on 8/25/2010

Best site ever

I just sold my old bicycle on your site.
Love you love you love you
Jona from LA wrote on 7/29/2010

Multiple zip code search is nice

I love the new option to search in multiple zip codes at once. One of those simple things that make your life easier. I wonder why doesn't every site do that...Gideon from Toronto, Canada wrote on 6/7/2010

Thank you

Thank you for adding Canadian postal codes to your system. I posted an item for sale two days ago and my postal code was not recognized. Today, I looked at my own listing and what do you know? It has my town name and postal code. Thank you. It's nice to not be ignored.
Gideon Caro
Joseph from Edison, NJ wrote on 5/20/2010

This is a great online garage sale. Well done!

I have been doing garage sales for years but this is the first time I decided to try it online. I looked at craigs list and ebay but both scared me. Private Garage Sale is focused on one thing only - online garage sale. It just feels right - easy, inviting, fast and does not ask too many questions about who I am. I am really impressed with the way handles my privace. Love the fact that people can communicate with me without ever finding ourt who I am or what's my email. Thank you for a great siteJames from NJ wrote on 5/18/2010

This site rules!

Its was great selling stuff without lining it up on my driveway.
Also not having to allocate one giant chunk of time and energy is a huge plus.

Great concept guys!

Thanks a lot,
Jerry from Tenafly wrote on 5/11/2010

I just sold a chair

Wow. I must admit that I am surprised it worked. In fact, it worked very well.
I listed a clock and a chair a few days ago and I just sold the chair. This is so much better than wasting a weekend doing a garage sale. And no strangers on my lawn.
Great service.
Thank you guys.
Ingrid from NYC wrote on 5/2/2010

Very helpful

I really enjoyed not having strangers at my house, as I am a single female, and not too fond of the idea of having random people just show up . . . lol

I email with my buyer, even spoke with her on the phone once, met up, and now she's enjoying my records :D

Fast, easy, perfect service.
Jessica from Edison, NJ wrote on 4/7/2010

Great idea

I'm a little turned off by receiving items via mail.
Especially used stuff :-P
You pay, but you really don't know what you'll get. . . sure, you can always send it back, but who really wants to do that?

I found some nice guitar pedals here that I got to try out before I bought.
So happy :o)